Have you ever heard about Brown Bag sessions or Lunch & Learn? A story about many croissants

person holding blue ceramic mug

Working in IT made me eat more croissants and learn  from others more than ever.


Because working in technology means, always beeing be up-to-date on latest trends and updates. Therefore, great communication formats were created for to stay well connected and learn from others.

Plus, most of them include food or drinks, which make it even more fun:

💼 Brown Bag session: Training session in a small to mid-size group around lunch time where participants eat while listening to presentations (mostly “bring your own food” or food provided).  The term “brown bag” comes from bringing own food packed in a brown bag.

🍽 Meet and Eat: Informal network lunch meeting with colleagues or mentors to get to know each other better

🍝 Lunch and Learn: Similar to the Brown Bag meeting, but mainly for a broader audience

🔄 Reverse Mentoring: Pairs juniors with executives to mentor them on various topics

🛎 Speed Dating:  short, focused one-on-one interaction with e.g. mentee and mentor or a colleague you never met before

Communication is always the key to success,  promotes collaboration and team work.

Due to CoVid19 these formats can mainly be held virtually only at the moment, but this shouldn´t be a show stopper, right?

Have you ever had one of this meetings, or how do you stay best connected and learn from others?