Be sharp like a cactus – secure your digital life!

technology influencer cybe security awareness blog post

In honor of today´s  Computer Security Day,  here are simple key internet safety rules to secure our digital life:

  • Choose strong passwords and keep them secure (by using a password manager)
  • Keep your (antivirus) software up-to-date
  • Check your privacy settings
  • Use two factor or multifactor authentification
  •  Be aware of phishing scams by avoiding clicking on links from unknown email Ids
  • Switch from http:// to https:// for safer internation browsing navigation
  • Protect your data and from any loss or unauthorized use and make backups
  • Remove unused and outdated programs and applications

I shot this photo in Italy (Puglia) and enjoyed reading about cyber security news on my Amazon Kindle Whitepaper between cactuses and olive trees!

Happy Computer Security Day!