About this Blog


I am a young female professional from Europe working in IT, who started this blog in 2018 to share my two passions with you – lifestyle and technology (not in any specific order).

Technology is moving fast, is highly dynamic, ever-changing, advancing as we speak, and this can seem overwhelming at times. With this blog, I hope I can help you grasp technological advances and trends by writing and talking about them. Similarly, lifestyle changes at an equal or faster pace than technology. Again, I want to capture current-future lifestyle and (smart) fashion trends.

By merging these two worlds, I want to demonstrate that fashionable women can and are representing in an overwhelming male dominated tech world.

This blog intends to empower and inspire readers to not only understand and love technology, but also embrace the digital world as part of our daily life. My blog combines original thought, expert opinion, external research and market insights. This will give you a diverse perspective, appraisal and assessment of tech gadgets, applications, tools as well as stylish products and accessories that range from interesting, “nice-to-have” to “must-have” products.

This is an indispensible guide to becoming a tech avant-garde (early adopter) and fashion icon.

What does “dots and bots” stands for?

Dots is associated with lifestyle: a symbol and figure for fashion in the 50´s (polka dots) as well as  geometry, drawing and the hyper-connected world of today.

Bots stand for technology: it is an abbreviation of “robots”, often connoted with chatbots or  gaming term that refers to a character controlled by a computer.

Now, what happens when tech meets lifestyle?

Welcome to the domain of #dotsandbots, the lifestyle in technology blog.

Happy reading!