Why how you set up your home office can affect your productivity. Must-have desk accessories

If you are working from a multipurpose area like your kitchen or living room, it is known to become more distracted.

The goal of your home office setup should be to create a calm environment where you can be your most productive.

Your working space should be well equipped and organized to facilitate work and focus.

I would recommend to invest in some of must-have desk tech accessories to increase not only productivity but also to have more workspace aesthetics:

  • Keyboard, laptop, tablet or smartphone stand for work more efficent, but also to have an ergonomical desk setup
  • Noise cancelling headset with good audio input/output for virtual meetings
  • Desk lamp: I prefer dimmable ones
  • Chargers: For a minimalistic setup a wireless one would be best
  • Decent office desk chair: your back and health will thank you later
  • Monitor: I prefer to work with 2-3 screens
  • Docking station
  • Ergonomical (wireless) mouse

What would you add to this list?

What is your favourite working from home gadget or non-tech accessory on your working desk?