5 secretly hidden features of Mac you probably won‘t know

person using laptop

Many Apple users are not aware of several secret Mac functions even after many years of using the Mac OS X.

I tested several hidden features and I don‘t want to miss them anymore:

  • Merge folders: easily merge contents of two identically named folders by  using Option – Dragging the folder which prompts an additional choice to merge folders
  • Calculations and currency conversions in Spotlight: type the amount you’d like to convert with its currency symbol
  • Easily dictionary access: use the shortcuts ⌘⌃D (mostly older Mac‘s)
  • Restoring scroll bars: Go to system preferences (‚General’), select Always (‚Show Scroll Bars‘)
  • Speech-to-text conversion: convert your speech-to-text by pressing the function (fn) key twice and start speaking. Your voice gets converted to text when pressing ‚fn‘ one more time