How to increase laptop battery life – tips for Mac and Windows 10

person typing on silver laptop computer

A new laptop can last for more than 14-8 hours on a single charge.

Fact is, that the battery won’t last as long unless we pay more attention to some key factors as energy settings, apps running, or where your laptop is active.

These followings tips will help you squeeze longer battery life out of your Windows 10 or Mac notebook:

  • Close apps you’re not using
  • Dim your screen
  • MacOS: Use Battery Settings (energy safer)
  • W10: Type “see which apps are affecting battery life” into the search bar for a list of apps that are consuming the most power
  • Turn off Bluetooth and wifi when not needed
  • Turn on Airplane Mode when no wifi needed
  • Avoid proppig up your laptop on a pillow
  • Check power and sleep settings

I hope these tip will extend the battery of your laptop!

Let me know in a comment if you have other tips or another one to add?