Secrets of the safest way of using the internet – Reasons why you need a password manager

Reasons why you need a password manager are simple: they are time saver and provide you a better security in terms of internet browsing and data privacy.

Get rid of sticky notes and save and generate secure passwords centralized in one application.

Use a password manager app to help generate and keep track of your password.

Trying to memorize dozens and dozens of your passwords can be a challenge, but there is a solution for it: using a password manager application.

Password managers can be your first defense against getting hacked!

With using an password manager app, you prevent hackers breaking into your online accounts.

If you use the same password on various websites or if your passwords are relatively easy to guess and weak, your accounts are very vulnerable.

Password managers solve these problems by generating very complex and long passwords and fill them into login fields so you don’t have to remember anything anymore.

I provided a list of best rated apps to manage your passwords. I personally use the free app ‚NordPass‘ at the moment, which includes It includes ulimited password storage, autosave and autofill, password generator, easy password importing and much more.

  • Keeper
  • NordPass
  • RoboForm
  • Dashlane

Some password managers include even more advanced security features which scans the dark web for breaches.